Management Team NETCONOMY


“Integration of digital channels into existing company structures and processes. Focus on customer value throughout the whole project. Highest standards regarding expertise in technology, quality and sustainability.”

NETCONOMY Management-Team


Our Mission


We connect our customers to the digital world. We are responsible for the long-term technology architecture of our customers. We consider ourselves as a partner who significantly impacts the business success of our customer and we ensure sustainability through active advising. We want to understand our customers and their needs in order to align our solutions accordingly.

We can only be successful if we work as a team. Innovation, personal responsibility and professional as well as technical development are key to our performance. We believe in the continuous improvement of business structure, in above-average productivity as well as in a balanced work-life.

As a company, we feel responsible to contribute to society and to do our part to take care of the environment. Environmental awareness and social commitment both belong to our self-concept.

Our Values

We are proud to implement solutions that run and wow. It always looks easy from the outside, but delivering quality and sticking to the budget at the same time is a difficult task. Our clients say that Netconomy can do amazing stuff that works. This is because we master the balance in our teams and beyond: Everything in its right place. Our clients, our programmers, controllers and customer experience experts are collaborating – and not working against each other. We have been in this business for more than 15 years. And we are here to stay.

Moving first is a state of mind. It entails being so passionate about something that everything happening in that field attracts your attention and then being able to sense whether it’s so relevant that it will change the field or not. If so, there is a new game to be played. That’s what we’re committed to: To be the first to master new technologies that will be game changers.

We don’t think that people can simply be motivated – the goal is really more about creating an environment where people can thrive. While working, we appear to be a team of friends in positive competition. Our people say that we are an extraordinary company working for really awesome clients. The hardest thing to do is remain at the top, so we try to consistently improve and work hard to get better every day.

In our day-to-day challenges, there are always two roads we can take. We can either decide to stay in the comfort zone, and hide and wait for others to be held responsible or we can simply show and take the challenge head-on. This is the road less travelled. But it is the path we will always go down, because it leads to more clarity and success. This is why fairness, transparency and accountability are so important to us.

When you really love a piece of work you create, you will never want to do it any harm, right? This is just about how it feels for us. We are honestly passionate about creating new solutions in bits and bytes or taming big data. We will foster a strategic, long term partnership once we start working with our clients. Sometimes our experience tells us that a certain project won’t work out. We will then talk to the client. Then talk again if necessary. And, eventually, suggest perhaps not to work with us. We might also reject working for a business which we think is harmful to society.

Martin Barzauner

As a founder and the owner of NETCONOMY, Martin Barzauner not only shapes the strategy and portfolio of the company, but also guides NETCONOMY'S ongoing business activities as its Chief Executive Officer.

Martin Bachler

Martin Bachler, Chief Technical Officer of NETCONOMY, is responsible for the technological vision of the company including its development and architectures.

Andreas Schilk

In his role as Chief Financial Officer, Andreas Schilk leads all financial operations and controlling as well as the Organization department at NETCONOMY.

Josef Grabner

As Chief Customer Officer, Josef Grabner is your main contact regarding all of NETCONOMY's customer- and consulting projects.

Facts and Figures


NETCONOMY is a leading expert for SAP® Customer Experience solutions and supports your digital transformation and successful implementation of digital business models.

Our international team consists of more than 350 professionals to assist you in seamlessly integrating online-channels into existing corporate structures. As a full-service-partner, we are glad to assist you in every phase of your digital transformation process.
We create individual, performance-oriented e-commerce-platforms, websites, online-shopping portals and mobile applications that engage customers across all channels throughout the entire customer journey – thus supporting sustainable online revenue.

  • Company foundation in 2000 (owner-managed)

  • Your full service-partner with more than 350 SAP® Customer Experience professionals

  • Industry-specific omnichannel-solutions based upon SAP® Customer Experience and the SAP® Cloud Services

  • International orientation with strong track record covering the DACH-region (Germany, Austria, Switzerland)

  • Award-winning quality in process-, project- and technology-management, paired with sound understanding of Sales & Marketing and agile project management (Scrum-Model)

  • Cutting-edge service portfolio and technology

  • References from internationally renowned clients in both B2B and B2C

  • Locations in Berlin, Dortmund, Vienna, Graz, Klagenfurt and Zurich