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Adding great value to sales processes based on an easy-to-use iOS app. 

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Supporting B2B Sales Processes

The B2B Sales App adds great value during sales processes. The combination of updated product information, customer insights and marketing, supports sales managers in providing excellent services to their customers. A role-based system helps to provide the right data at the right point of time and enables new possibilities in the sales process.

Preparing customer meetings is now even easier by having access to both, the customer profile and the products & services catalog. Adding the products to the basket and bundling products adds great value druing the sales meeting. Additionally, the customer score helps to provide the right context for each deal and the marketing profile is enriched everytime an interaction with the customer takes place.

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A combination of product data, CRM and Marketing perfectly provides online data during Face-to-Face customer meetings.

The App offers a one-point access to all relevant information for sales managers.

Great usability and real time product information updates.

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