Corporate Core Values

We are proud to deliver.

Yes, we are proud to implement solutions that run and wow. At least our clients say we do.  And it always looks easy from the outside. But defining and delivering quality and keeping to the budget at the same time is the hardest thing. Our clients say that Netconomy can do hot stuff that works. Maybe it is because we master the balance in our teams and beyond: Everything at it´s right place. Our clients, our programmers, controllers and customer experience experts collaborating – and not working against each other. We have been in this business for more than 15 years. And we have come here to stay.

We move first.

Moving first is a state of mind. It means to be so passionate about something that everything that happens in that field  attracts your attention. And then sense whether it´s so relevant  that it will change the field or not. If so, play the new game.  That´s what we´re committed to: To be the first to master new technologies that will Change the game.

We like competition.

We think that people cannot be motivated. It is more about creating an environment where people can thrive. While working we appear to be a team of friends in positive competition.  Our people say that we are an extraordinary company. Working for really awesome clients. The hardest thing is staying where you are. So we consistently improve and work hard to get better every day: through agile management, our bonus system or the broad skills and personal development offers we make.

We show up.

In our day to day challenges there are always two roads to take. We can either decide to stay in the comfort zone, and hide and wait for others to be held responsible. Or we can simply show up to what is. This is the road less travelled. But it is the one we will constantly foster, because it leads to more clarity and success. Therefore fairness, transparency and accountability are so important for us.

We have never been after the fast buck. And we never will.

When you really love a piece of work you create, you will have a tough time doing any harm to it, right? And this is about how it feels for us. We are honestly passionate about creating new solutions in bits and bytes or taming big data.  So why lose our pride? That just doesn´t make sense. We will foster a strategic, long term partnership once we start working with our clients. Sometimes our experience tells us that a certain project won´t work out. We will then talk to the client. Talk again if necessary. And eventually suggest not to work with us.  And we might also reject working for a business which we think of as harmful for society.