2. April 2021

Machine Learning in Customer Experience

It’s the year of 2021 and customer expectations are only growing. Customers demand tailored, personalized experiences – or they will abandon the cart very quickly. Either they will get quick and reliable customer service, or simply won’t ever pick you over your competitor again.

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24. März 2021

The Importance of Giving | NETCONOMY Annual Donations

Leider ist der Eintrag nur auf Amerikanisches Englisch verfügbar.

Last year reminded all of us of the importance of health and wellbeing. We faced some unusual circumstances and had to adjust to “the new normal” as the whole world focused on fighting the pandemic. Unfortunately, it became the number one priority of healthcare systems and governments around the globe. 

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11. März 2021

Customer Engagement im Fokus – SAP NOW Switzerland 2021

Wie können Sie Kundenwünsche besser verstehen, Erlebnisse schaffen und den Dialog in Echtzeit fördern – und das über den gesamten Beziehungszyklus hinweg? Am Customer Engagement Tag lernen Sie, wie Sie Kunden durch intelligenten E-Commerce Lösungen nachhaltig für Ihr Unternehmen gewinnen.

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21. Oktober 2020

Webinar: SAP Customer Data Platform für personalisierte Kundenerlebnisse

Mitte Oktober hat SAP die weltweite Einführung der neuen SAP Customer Data Platform bekannt gegeben. Mit der Kundendatenplattform der nächsten Generation können Unternehmen ihren Kunden bei sämtlichen Interaktionen von Commerce über Marketing und Verkauf bis hin zum Service ein völlig neues Erlebnis bieten.

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5. Februar 2020

20 Customer Experience Statistics You Must Know in 2020

In 2020, we all know that traditional experiences are no longer able to satisfy modern customer needs. Yes, KPIs and revenue are what matters in the end – but that’s only the result of combined efforts your favorite brand is making to keep you. Nowadays discussions are focused on providing the customer a seamless journey across all touchpoints – both online and offline, in order to build trusted, long-term relationships. …mehr lesen

31. Januar 2020

NETCONOMY ranked in top 3 of the “Austria’s Leading Companies” contest 2019

In the course of “Austria’s Leading Companies”, the most important Austrian economic contest, on January 30 NETCONOMY was awarded 3rd place in the category “large national companies”. …mehr lesen

17. Januar 2020

It’s 2020 – And It’s About Time to Innovate Your Customer Experience Strategy

At the end of 2019, we celebrated the 50th anniversary of the Internet. It’s been only 50 years – would you believe it? Now let’s think about the history of trading as such and the fact that it originated in prehistoric times. Historians believe that the first long-distance trade occurred around 3000 BC.

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30. Oktober 2019

New Commerce Platform Live at Douglas Perfumery Switzerland

NETCONOMY is proud to announce the go-live of the new Commerce Platform for Douglas Perfumery in Switzerland. Further rollouts will be performed one by one in other markets. Having a footprint as one of the largest projects built on SAP Commerce Cloud, the new platform sets the starting point in enhancing the customer journey and providing a personalized 1:1 experience across all channels. …mehr lesen

4. September 2019

Seamless Experiences for Generation Z: Tailor Your Strategy to the Needs of Digital Natives

It’s time to start marketing to the next generation. Generation Z is growing its buying power and their habits, needs and behavior are significantly different than what we’ve learned from previous generations. Technology is shaping their lives – but they are also forcing businesses and industries to change.

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25. August 2019

The Customer Experience Revolution: Why Online and Offline Must Speak with One Voice

As customers get more digitally empowered, they demand personalized experiences and walk away very fast from anything that seems to be irrelevant to them. Personalization nowadays doesn’t mean putting a customer into a specific target group, but really following all the steps of the individual customer journey.  …mehr lesen