DMEXCO @home 2020 – Join our Masterclasses

Allgemein, Events, 10. September 2020

Experience the popular digital expo online. DMEXCO is the meeting place for key players in digital business, marketing, and innovation. Join our Masterclasses on 23-24 September and learn how we leverage the newest technologies to create comprehensive digital platforms, shifting the core business into the Digital World.


Next Level B2B Commerce

Creating a Comprehensive Digital Platform shifting the Core Business into the Digital World


Technology is shifting B2B forward. Customers are demanding the same approach as in B2C, and the answer to this challenge lies in building a comprehensive Digital Platform. Gain a deeper understanding of the digital evolution in B2B, hear the industry best-case practices, and learn how the most common challenges can be solved with the right Digital Platform.

Markus Linder (Vice President Sales, NETCONOMY)
Anja Hiebler (Customer Director, NETCONOMY)

When? 23 September, 15:15-15-45 pm

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Innovation Creates a Smile

Increasing Customer Satisfaction through innovative Experience Management solutions


In today’s business world, you need to react quickly to changing circumstances and demands in order to keep your customers happy. This requires an open mindset and the will to innovate. Developed based on the Design Thinking methodology, the mobile solution “Fragrance Finder” helps you to understand how digitized consulting processes support customers to make the right decision in-store. At the same time facilitating valuable customer insights to understand customers’ behavior and perfectly meet their needs.

Jörg Wesiak (Head of Innovation Consulting, NETCONOMY)
Manuela Fritzl (Experience Management Consultant, NETCONOMY)

When? 24 September, 17:35-18:05 pm

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