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InStore Sales Support…

was developed during a Design Thinking process with one of the world’s largest clothing companies based in the US.


It helps sales assistants to gain additional knowledge about the brand they work for, trends and current available styles. Via App, the sales person can connect directly to consumers entering the store, gaining relevant information about them. This enables the sales person to deliver new kind of services e.g. serving a customer in the fitting room by request or supporting direct checkout including payment and removal of the security tag.


Main benefits

  • InStore Sales Support delivers online information about the brand, products and customers to the shop floor.
  • With interactive check-in via QR Code or iBeacon, the customer is identified and linked to the right sales assistant on the shop floor.
  • The App enables employees to assist consumers in the fitting room with specific requests and with a direct check-out.

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Chloe logs in to her app. She scans the QR code and connects to the Stylist who is then able to provide additional information regarding her style and preferences.

The Stylist is now able to support Chloe during her shopping experience. Styling inputs, product details – all based on Chloes’s shopping history to which he as now access to.

In the dressing room, Chloe requests a different size from the Stylist by simply scanning the jeans label in her app. The stylist can follow her request immediately.

Additionally, the Stylist can pursue cross- and up-sells due to recommendations which are provided directly by the system.

Chloe is able to complete a check-out without queueing. Payment, rating and removal of the security tag is directly performed by the stylist.

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