Next Level B2B Commerce | Exclusive Online Session

Allgemein, Events, 28. July 2020

In the digital age platforms make a significant difference, especially during the times of COVID 19. The trend of building digital platforms is relevant for B2B as well, as customers are nowadays used to order products online around the clock, seven days a week. The challenge for many organizations is how to identify and strategically prioritize the potential value of using digital channels in order to ensure competitive advantages at an early stage.

A new study by the Fraunhofer Institute shows that platforms are heavily influencing the B2B business. However, there is still a long way to go until this becomes a common strategy like it is in the B2C. In our webinar, you will hear exclusive insights into the results of the study by Dr. Christian Lerch. Together with our experts Steffen Lange (SAP) and Martin Barzauner (NETCONOMY), we will give you an overview of the current state of digital platforms in B2B, show you practical examples of success and discuss challenges and possible solutions.

Join the exclusive online session on 30 July, starting at 10:30 CET. 




  • 10:30 Opening 
    Steffen Lange – VP Customer Experience SAP Austria
  • 10:40 The economical relevance of B2B platforms 
    Dr. Christian Lerch – Fraunhofer Institute
  • 11:10 Do it right. Do it now – Development of a future-proof B2B platform
    Martin Barzauner – CEO Netconomy
    Steffen Lange – VP Customer Experience SAP Austria
  • 11:30 Panel Discussion and Q&A
    Dr. Christian Lerch – Fraunhofer Institute
    Steffen Lange – VP Customer Experience SAP Austria
    Martin Barzauner – CEO Netconomy


Dr. Christian Lerch

Leiter des Geschäftsfelds Industrieller Wand und neue Geschäftsmodelle Fraunhofer Institut für System- und Innovationsforschung ISI

Steffen Lange

VP Customer Experience
SAP Österreich

Martin Barzauner