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Business Innovation Consulting

No matter if your company is just starting to become a digital leader or already amongst the cutting-edge of its business:
Our Business Innovation Consulting Services will help you determine the best options and clear your future path. We have the experience, technology and services to visualize and prototype while keeping a strong focus on profitability.


Strategic Roadmapping

Clear your future path. No matter which business you are in, the future will be all about customer centricity. The first step for your company to becoming a digital leader is to clarify your vision for your digital business and map the necessary transformation.

We support you with an agile, strategic planning process to drive digital excellence and navigate you through impacted areas of disruption.

We first analyze your current business model and discuss the digital potential of your business. This is the starting point to design the future state of your company as a digital leader. Finally, we will develop a roadmap to digital excellence with a focus on customer value and ROI.


Design Thinking

With this customer-centric innovation approach we can guide you to radically new process designs and revenue streams. Primarily used by designers, this solution-based iterative process has proven to perfectly support transformations in the digital business.

Design Thinking is not only a mind-opening method for innovation at all levels, but also a team-learning experience that increases empathy for the customers´ needs.


Business Model Innovation

Sometimes business is about an idea. This is especially true when you are an entrepreneur. But for existing businesses to create new value is much more about connecting the dots in a network of many ideas. Modern technology offers entirely new opportunities to extend existing or create additional business models including subscription-based, IoT- driven and usage-based mechanics.

Together with your team we will visualize your current business model and then identify possible areas of disruption. We can capitalize the collective intelligence in the team as well as our vast experience to create new value-creating and more cost-effective processes and solutions.

NETCONOMY is committed to focusing on digital opportunities to benefit clients, streamline processes and create new revenue streams.


User-Centric Design

The lesson to be learned for marketers in digital business is that customers are owning the brands and that they participate in innovation and creation processes. The best companies can do is listening to their customers.

User Centric Design is a multi-stage design process that supports the creation of solutions ultimately focused on user experience and business goals through feedback loops at each phase.

In some ways similar to Design Thinking, NETCONOMY will support your team from research (competitor analysis, target groups interviews) to creating an ideal process type (representing the user journey based on prototypical Personas) up to visualizing an optimized and user-centric process based on click dummies through the key users journeys. NETCONOMY can also implement the outcomes of this design process in the systems´ front-end environment or in a custom-made App.


Innovation Prototyping

Sometimes a new opportunity will not be feasible unless the technological foundations have been laid. Imagine spare parts inventory in a manufacturing industry cluster where different companies use the same parts. A new opportunity can be to share parts cross-company in order to be in the position to deliver and also to save on inventory costs. What if there is no ready-to-use solution available for this?

With our deep understanding of the SAP® Customer Experience Suite and as a part of the SAP® C/4HANA Innovation Team we can combine components and immediately come up with a prototype. We convert the technological opportunities into business results that will subsequently help our clients to secure their best in class position.



Markus Linder
Vice President Sales