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Customer Experience Platform Building

As we strive for the digital excellence of our client companies, NETCONOMY works with the best unified solution available.

SAP C/4HANA is the leading customer experience suite designed to revolutionize customer relationship management as we know it.

This solution contains components for essential areas of customer experience like Marketing, Commerce, Sales and Service as well as an integrated customer data cloud and an advanced agility layer. Combined with the SAP® Cloud Platform it unleashes its full potential by adding IoT, machine learning and seamless process integration to drive continuous innovation.


SAP® Cloud Platform

Companies have to orchestrate their digital business. The bottom line for this is to securely and seamlessly integrate business processes and customer data.

The SAP® Cloud Platform gives companies the opportunity to work with a platform-as-a-service (PaaS) to always have the right functionality in place, according to their growth and transformation of their business models.

The SAP® Cloud Platform delivers the core services to run a variety of state-of-the-art cloud services which NETCONOMY customizes. If you want to know more about the key features of the SAP® Cloud Platform and the opportunities for your business, just contact us!


Commerce Cloud

Selling products and services online has never been that easy. Still, digital business entails new challenges: Management of processes, product information and delivery, customer experience management, order management and billing. One single mistake and the customer may be lost.

With the SAP® Commerce Cloud we provide a feature-rich and comprehensive commerce platform that simplifies digital transformation. A future-proof and expandable solution is key for any future-oriented business.


Marketing Cloud

Digital business provides exciting opportunities to attract audiences while at the same time accelerating time to market, driving higher demand and conversions as well as optimizing marketing costs. What is absolutely essential, however, is to build a trusted source for customer data and develop a single, unified customer profile.

This solution enables companies to deliver individualized brand experiences across channels, to drive growth and revenue while keeping customers satisfied and loyal. The SAP® Marketing Cloud delivers multichannel marketing at it´s best.


Sales Cloud

For any sales team there are several issues to meet in order to unlock high performance. Some of them relate to culture, leadership and incentive systems. The others are about getting closer to potential and existing customers by using a powerful tool to accelerate information in real-time throughout the purchasing process. This will help the sales team to spend their time on the best deals.

The SAP® Sales Cloud empowers a sales team to engage with customers throughout the customer journey in a more meaningful way. It provides all insights needed to improve productivity and sales performance and make informed business decisions in the moment.


Service Cloud

Customer relationship does not only include customer experience but also a great service before, during and after the purchase. Such an end to end service experience relies on understanding customer needs and connecting the customer journey with the service value chain.

With the SAP® Service Cloud any company will always stay ahead of the customer expectations. It offers to open multiple service channels to get in contact with customers and serve them the best way they expect.


Customer Data Cloud

With the rise of the digital economy, customers increasingly demand more transparency and control over how their data is being used by a company. Building trusted relationships with customers, now with the GDPR in place, is not only a legal but also a business imperative!

Optimizing a company´s relationship with its customer and boosting brand loyalty are the targets of the SAP® Customer Data Cloud. The customer’s way to inform the company is simplified. They decide at any time which information they want to receive by giving multiple consents.


Kyma Extensions

The SAP® Cloud Platform is the layer for the integration of best-in-class cloud solutions such as the marketing, sales, service, commerce or customer data cloud. The more companies become digital leaders, the more likely they may want to run a variety of individualized micro services to increase revenues and agility.

The SAP® Kyma Extensions Platform provides companies with a state-of-the-art microservice-architecture to customize the commerce solution in a highly effective way and to scale their business on every stage according to the market and customer needs.



Markus Linder
Vice President Sales