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Business Excellence Services

NETCONOMY is committed to true partnerships with our clients. With technology constantly evolving, you can rely on us to help you get the most out of your digital assets and maximize the return on your SAP® Customer Experience Platform. We offer a portfolio of value-added services on a regular subscription basis.

NETCONOMY clients appreciate the fact that our agile team work guarantees straightforward problem solving as our developers, UX experts and consultants will work together for success.

The fact that NETCONOMY is part of the developers´ community at SAP® also ensures that our Business Excellence Services will always let you stay ahead in your industry.


Customer Support and Operations

For digital leaders a great customer experience is the key to success. But success is limited without a fully functional system to support it. NETCONOMY makes sure clients are not left alone with challenges they may face and also provides the „behind-the-scenes work“ of running the system.

We are committed to your success and available to support our clients should they encounter challenges with their application. With our customer support and operations services NETCONOMY clients benefit from a dedicated team (including developers) who concentrates on their systems´ reliability with a single point of contact in case of an emergency.


Customer Experience Optimization

Customer Experience is at the heart of NETCONOMY´s services. With the Customer Experience Optimization service, we secure the digital experience of customers according the company´s brand proposition, the behavioral dynamics of target groups and the company´s business goals.

As with all our business excellence services, our clients enjoy the mix of our extensive knowledge of the system, our team work and the customized high-quality solutions.


UX / Conversion Rate Optimization

We are proud of creating great usability right from the start. User experience is by definition the value a company is delivering at every single point of the end users interaction with the company. However, due to market dynamics and ongoing technological innovations, there is a need for constant optimization.

NETCONOMY will perform an on page analysis and monitoring based on google analytics, depending on the priorities discussed with our clients. We can then conduct usability tests and will regularly report and provide the right measures for improvement.

There are two types of the UX / Conversion Rate Optimization Service available:

  1. A starter package with adaptions based on three key user journeys, and
  2. a customized package with the continuous adaption of a fully individualized User Interface according to the customers’ needs.


Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

NETCONOMY offers customized on page analysis, well-grounded on site testing with google and a performance and KPI Monitoring that serves the companies business needs right from the start.

With our in-depth knowledge of the platforms´ structure and the continuous communication with our developers we can guarantee the best SEO measures for our clients at minimum communication efforts.

There are various SEO packages: From a Starter Package (one time, initial SEO analysis) to Silver and Gold Packages, where we continuously monitor performance and give policy recommendations on a regular basis. Our own SEO Extension empowers clients to make changes autonomously.



Markus Linder
Vice President Sales