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Omnichannel Commerce &
Experience Management

Create satisfying omnichannel experiences.

Your customers want to interact with you through various channels, at any time and at any place. For this, they expect consistent, compelling and individual encounters to be made with your company.

Whether B2B or B2C: Our omnichannel solutions help you to better understand your customers, operate across all touchpoints and to consistently and precisely control interactions. This significantly increases conversions and online sales – regardless of the channel, and improves the efficiency of administration and processing of orders and stock data in the background. This also converts order transactions into satisfying, fast and reliable experiences.


Manage customer experiences.

Offer your customers brand experiences and content of the highest quality, both personalized and in real time. Our SAP® Customer Experience-based solutions enable these interactions to be configured exactly to the behavior and preference of your customers – satisfy them both in terms of content and optics across all devices, countries or media formats.

Whether our own or partner-provided content: our solutions enable the consolidation of offer-related content and information across all channels.


Manage touchpoints.

Your customers are online, always and everywhere, and they expect compelling content, perfect service and frictionless processes. Accompany your targets across all channels and stations along their customer journey – independent of device, internationally, personalized and in real time.