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Integrated Sales & Service

Cutting-edge service processes and mobile apps in B2E and B2B.

As your customers rightly expect an omni-channel experience, we also offer holistic support for your processes – in this case, specifically for all relevant B2B and B2E service processes. This can be a B2B distribution solution or a B2E application for your field service. We also support you in this step of digital transformation and the identification of the most burning “use cases” with the appropriate methods such as “design thinking” and our years of experience.

Technological drivers for this step in the future of your enterprise services are mobile apps for smartphones and tablets with all their features like GPS for location-specific functions or camera applications for augmented reality offers.
As the consumer world has changed as much as mobile devices, there is still no stone on the other in many B2B and B2E areas.

We help you to walk this path professionally and to achieve success with tried and tested methods of digital transformation (design thinking, short development and deployment cycles, etc.). The most important success factor is finding the “right” processes and re-designing them, taking into account the possibilities of today’s digital world.

Revolutionize your B2B sales process and leverage the potential of your field service organization!


NETCONOMY – your innovation partner on the SAP® Cloud Platform®.

The NETCONOMY-method in Customer Centric Design also allows you to make your business services mobile as individual apps available on the SAP® Cloud Platform®.