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The COVID-19 crisis has a huge impact on how companies will have to shape business processes in the future. Since the crisis has started, digital interaction within both, B2B and B2C, has increased drastically. Even though there is uncertainty about what the future will look like, it is already clear that it will be digital.

To support companies in emerging from the crisis stronger than before, we developed a remote concept which enables the development of a customer-centric digital strategy based on the Design Thinking methodology fully virtually. We are all set to start the journey from design thinking to design doing together with you.






Breaking remote barriers & bringing innovation to life


Last year we joined the SAP AppHaus Network – a creative-driven community committed to human-centered innovation. Within this global network, our experienced Design Thinking coaches and business transformation experts support customers in setting up their innovation and digitalization roadmap, to create future-ready solutions. Our CX Innovation HUB comprises both – a modern creative space located in Vienna as well as a solid virtual concept for promising customer collaboration.





It’s not just the talk

We’ve conducted successful remote Design Thinking workshops with happy customers as a result



Our “How to” guide

for running successful Remote Design Thinking workshops


Now with this special situation, where traveling and social contacts are restricted, it is even more important to keep the productivity high. Working within an environment where remote collaboration is nothing new to us, our experts have developed a validated concept which transfers our Design Thinking approach in a fully virtual setting, guaranteeing effectiveness and quality on the highest level.



A few things that matter: PC equipped with camera & audio, the possibility to use Zoom and Mural in parallel (2 screens), one device per participant, and a stable internet connection would be great.


Preparation is all up to us. We work out key questions, set the agenda & goals, check the customer’s tech stack, and fully onboard the customer’s team.

The Workshop

Our experts have all the skills it takes to make this workshop a unique experience. From qualified Design Thinking methodologies all the way to ringing in regular coffee breaks and upholding the good mood.


An extensive workshop protocol, finalized prototypes as well as export files from Mural will be handed over to the customer for further processing and decision making.

Ringing in the next step

After the workshop is completed we offer comprehensive consulting on how to make use of the insights gained and give clear recommendations for the next steps to be taken.



We are all set for the real-life scenario


With the right experience, methods, and tools in place, we’ve conducted numerous Design Thinking workshops with customers across the globe. Always with the goal to gather structured user insights, define challenges and action steps to optimize digital business processes, to design first application prototypes, and transition to the first project phase.





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